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Welcome to the home page of “shark zoo”!

Tropicarium - a cápaakvárium a látványalagútból The Tropicarium – the “shark zoo” – awaits visitors with a number of animals from all over the world on every day of the year. Visit us and see lazy alligators, exotic reptiles, amphibians, little monkeys, birds freely flying about, thousands of colourful fresh- and salt-water fishes and our main attraction, the scary sharks from seas. At the rays petting tank you can stroke the rays, the majestic creatures of the seas.
The 12-meter-long observation tunnel under the shark aquarium offers you a chance to admire our 6 giant sharks, including tiger- and brown sharks as well as the guitarfish with sharklike tail. Come and see the inhabitant of the shark zoo.
Opening hours:
From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on each day of the year, even on national and religious holidays. Booking office closes at 7 p.m. You can pay cash or by bank card; we cannot accept Euro.

Ticket prices: from 1 July 2014:

(ages 18-62)
Child, student, senior
(4-18 – full-time secondary school students with student card and adults over 62)
University / college student
(full-time university or college student up to 26 years)
Infant (0-4)
(if the child is accompanied by family members)
2.500.- Ft/ person 1.800.- Ft/ person 2.100.- Ft/ person free admission

Discounts for groups


Group of min 15 visitors of the same age!

Group adult
(for 1 adult of 18-62 if booked as a member of adults’ group)
Group child, student, senior
(age group of 0-18 and adults over 62)
2.100.- Ft/ person 1.600.- Ft/ person

Family discounts:

1 adult + 2 children
(2500.- + 1800.- +1600.- )
2 adults + 1 child
(2500.- + 2100.- + 1800.-)
2 adults + 2 children
(2500.- + 2100.-+ 1800.- + 1600.-)
5.900. -Ft 6.400. -Ft 8.000. -Ft

Discounts are offered for holders of the following tourism cards: Hungary card, Budapest card, Minicards

Information for visitors:

  • Parking: There is a designated free parking facility for both motor cars and buses transporting group visitors in the parking lot of the Campona Shopping Centre.
  • Left-luggage office: near the information desk of the Campona Shopping Centre, on the ground floor.
  • In the Tropicarium there is a cloak-room operating between 1 October and 31 March.
  • The whole area of the Tropicarium is accessible for visitors using pram or wheelchair
  • Photos or shots can be taken for own purposes, no flash may be used.
  • It is strictly forbidden to feed the animals unless it is allowed by the guide of group visitors.
  • Pets are not welcome in the area of the zoo for health reasons.
  • On the area of the Tropicarium there are toilets only at the booking offices; visitors are advised to use them before entry.
  • In our gift shop there is a wide choice of souvenirs available for visitors.
  • Visitors usually spend an average time of 1.5 to 2 hours in the Tropicarium, however you can stay longer than that; the length of visit is not restricted.
  • Snack bar within the area of the Tropicarium: operated in the event hall at weekends; on weekdays there are vending machines for visitors to purchase soft drinks and snacks.
  • Audio guide in foreign languages can be requested at booking offices by paying security.
  • In the Campona Shopping Centre there are shops, restaurants and other services are available for visitors.
  • School groups: When visiting the Tropicarium, after every 15 students one accompanying teacher is offered free admission by presenting a teacher card. In the absence of a teacher card we also accept an official stamped certificate issued by the school.
  • Booking: Thousands of people want to visit and see the Tropicarium yearly, thus – due to the large number of visitors - sometimes we can only admit visitors without booking after the pre-booked visitors, and waiting time could be rather long (which is also affected by the weather). That’s why we request our group visitors to make pre-booking and fix the time of your visit in any case by contacting our colleagues, by using either of the following contact details: E-mail:, phone: +36 1 424 3053. Individual visitors do not need to make pre-booking. To avoid crowdedness we recommend afternoon hours for visit at weekends and on holidays.
Diving: We organise diving sessions in our shark aquarium for qualified "colleagues" with diving certificate and at least 10 proven dives, who are interested in the underwater world with 6 sharks. During the approximately 30-40-minute-long program our guide, who ensures that everything goes well, dives with the visitors and they can swim among the 6 two-meter-long sharks. We provide the participating visitors with full oxygen tank and the weight belt for the dive, everything else has to be brought by visitors due to possibly different sizes.
Price of the dive: HUF 70,000, including VAT. The time of the dive is to be arranged through e—mail at the address
Shark feeding:: at 3 p.m. every Thursday our visitors can enjoy a shark feeding experience when our visitors can hand feed our predators.
For travel agencies: Since we are aware of the fact that organization of groups is a demanding job, we would also like to make a contribution to the success of the agencies by offering 5-15 % discount, which we pay in cash from the aggregate amount at the cash desk when purchasing the tickets, which discount will be indicated on the issued invoice. The discount is subject to an agreement between the two companies, which we will draft and send by post to our partner. The groups can be booked through e-mail by using any of the following e-mail addresses:,, or on phone: 36-1-424-3053. The guide should collect the price of the tickets from the members of the group and purchase the tickets at the cash-desk for the whole group.
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